the Founder & Director

2Idiot Films Production House Ltd, New Delhi has founded by the bollywood writer and director Anuup Thapa, he is official member of ‘‘Film Writer Association’’ & Wester Film Association Mumbai, an illuminating writer and director and in his 15 years of experience in theater, film, tv & documentary he has achieved the height of success.

 He had written & directed theater & street play, tvc, spoofs, documentry Hindi & Punjabi music albums & short films. He had worked for Delhi University, NSD, IPTA, NGO, Goverment Organizations, TV Channels & Bollywood Production Houses. Recently he had done a bollywood film ‘‘YEH MARD BECHARA’’,  now days he is directing another new bollywood film.

The Director Anuup Thapa has done many big projects including (Film, Short Film, Music Album, Advertisement & Theater Play), Director & Producer – Bollywood film ‘‘Yeh Mard Baichara’’ is his upcoming project, several bollywood films like ‘‘Noughty Boyz’’ & ‘‘Laughing Ghost’’ is on pipeline, His dedication and performance is commendable. 15 years experience in this field is truly the seamless reflection of the current project house and the professional technical excellence in delivering high quality service to the clients relevantly. We believe in hard work and quality performance.

The experience and dedication both reflect from the production house excellence, service to the potential clients. 2Idiot is the pioneering brand has grown rapidly to combine film production services with various successful projects. Our upcoming bollywood project  film with big bollywood stars. We also provide excellent production facilities and we have high quality equipments and skilled team of members.

Why Us

We provide highly skilled production team & production facility, genuine vision of bringing seamless creativity and a commitment to improving innovative technology for our projects.

Core Area Specification

2Idiot Films Production House specializes in arranging film production of various projects like Films, Music Albums, Advertisements, Short Films, Web Series, Corporate shoots, Events and TV Serial as well.

We the Team

Together we pursue our dedication and founded 2Idiot Films Production House. We make work challenging, whatever the project might be big or small. We ensure to work as a team and provide our best service to the clients. We stand proud to become one of the most dedicated film production companies of this time.